Privacy policy and cookies

Privacy Policy

Bracia Urbanek spółka z o.o. reserves the right to enter modifications to the Privacy Policy. All clients of Bracia Urbanek spółka z o.o. and users of the company’s web pages must obey the current Privacy Policy, which is available on the website. Modifications have no effect on the genral principle: Bracia Urbanek spółka z o.o. does not sell or disclose personal or address data of the users of its web pages to third parties. If you do not approve the Privacy Policy, please refrain from visiting the web pages of Bracia Urbanek spółka z o.o..

Personal data

When using the web pages of Bracia Urbanek spółka z o.o., you may be asked to enter certain personal data in a form or otherwise (e.g. registration). Registration is voluntary. We only require data necessary for purposes of the web pages. If you do not enter the required data, the action associated with said data will be blocked. In the interests of the security of the provided personal data, Bracia Urbanek spółka z o.o. applies appropriate technological solutions ensuring the privacy of third parties.

Public Personal Data

The personal data entered on web pages of Bracia Urbanek spółka z o.o. for purposes of commenting articles, responding to blogs, etc. are available to everyone visiting the pages containing said data. In such situations, Bracia Urbanek spółka z o.o. cannot protect said data from private individuals or corporations using it to transmit their information. In light of the above, the Privacy Policy does not apply to said data.

Unannounced Messages

Bracia Urbanek spółka z o.o. reserves the right to distribute unannounced messages to individuals whose contact information it holds and who have approved the Privacy Policy. All users have the right to access and correct their provided data. Bracia Urbanek spółka z o.o. understands unannounced massages as information referring directly to its web pages, services, and products (e.g. changes, promotions, new provisions, products), non-commercial letters (e.g. wishes, personal comments, etc.).

Other forms

The Privacy Policy does not apply to forms available on the web pages of Bracia Urbanek spółka z o.o. concerning services, products, and web pages not supported by Bracia Urbanek.


Certain areas of the web pages of Bracia Urbanek spółka z o.o. may use cookies, i.e. small text files saved on the user’s computer identifying said user in order to facilitate or extinguish the given operation. Cookies are harmless to the user, the user’s computer, and the user’s data. In order to be active, Cookies must be accepted by the browser and not deleted from the drive.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files saved on the user’s computer in order to remember the flow of information between the web pages and the browser. They provide numerous functions for your browsing convenience.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies are used to observe user behaviour on the website for purposes of facilitating traffic. They are also used to save user preferences for purposes like customised editorial and advertising content display. By using cookies, we do not store the user’s personal data or other confidential information.

What kind of cookies do we use?

The following files are used by the website: Session Cookies – active only during browsing of the web pages to allow for their proper operation. Persistent Cookies – files, which remain on the computer after the visit to our website, which means that the website can save the User’s settings for future visits. This makes the website easier for the User to navigate and saves the User’s preferences. These files are saved on the user’s terminal device (computer) for the time specified in the cookies parameters or until removed by the User. Third party cookies – allow for establishment of the User’s preferences and consequential display of customised advertisements on external partner websites. Also used to measure website traffic.

How to block cookies?

By default, software used to browse websites allows for saving “cookies” on the terminal device (computer). To block automatic cookies support in browser settings or prompt information in every instance of saving on the user’s device, please configure your internet browser appropriately. For detailed information on the functions and support of “cookies”, please see the software (browser) settings. Please note that browser reconfiguration may restrict certain functions of the website and block some of its content.