About us

For over 30 years , we have been giving you the wonderful taste of our natural products.

Our work combines knowledge, experience and tradition with the latest culinary trends,, creating high-quality products with a unique taste.

In line with our philosophy, the products we offer contain no unnecessary additives or preservatives - this guarantees that they are 100% natural.

We know that only the highest-quality fruits and vegetables deserve to be in our products. The awareness that we are present in many people’s kitchens around the world makes us want to give our best; therefore, we thoroughly choose only the best-quality ingredients for our preserves. Our experience allows to combining tradition with modernity, creating new, unique recipes and a variety of flavors.


We also remember about development and continuous improvement of our technologies and production capabilities, investing in the development of a modern, specialized machinery. We know that only maintaining the highest standards ensures the best quality of our products; we therefore supervise their course throughout the entire production process, from moment of cultivation and harvesting. This is confirmed by the International Food Standard system, implemented by us and certified annually.

In order to meet our customers’ increasing expectations, we make and refine product recipes so that their perfect taste and quality meet all requirements, remaining at a consistently high level.

The quality and taste
of our products have been appreciated by customers worldwide.

Our business partners have appreciated our work ethic and high quality products, which allowed us to establish cooperation with numerous renowned global brands and expand not only in the country, but also to foreign markets.